Sports Vouchers

The Sports Vouchers program is a SA Government initiative for primary school children (i.e. from 9 – 15 years old) to receive up to a $100 (from Jan 2025 it will be $200) discount on club membership fees (but not beginner courses). The way it works in our club is:

  1. First up, join our club and pay the annual membership fee.
  2. Fill in the government’s Sports Voucher form.
  3. Fill in a Reimbursement of Expenses form (for the voucher amount of $100)
  4. Send the Voucher and Expense form to a club official (email is OK).
  5. The club will then lodge the Voucher with the SA Government.
  6. The SA Government will send the club $100.
  7. The club then refunds you (using your bank account details from the Reimbursement of Expenses form).