Programmed Shooting Times

Only club members (and visitors affiliated with Archery Australia) are permitted to shoot at the club.
Please note: it is essential that all visitors sign the visitors book and all archers sign-in.

Members are not charged a shooting fee, no matter how often you shoot.

  • Juniors only (Adelaide Junior Archery Development, AJAD):
    • Saturday 8.30 – 11.00 am
  • Seniors (Juniors are also welcome):
    • Tuesday evenings – 6.00 pm start. Oct – Mar inclusive (during daylight saving)
    • Thursday – be ready to start at 9.00 am
    • Saturday – be ready to start at 1.00 pm
    • Sunday – be ready to start at 1.00 pm

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Other shooting times (practice)

A benefit of being a Club member (which includes Annual Visitors), is that you may practice during daylight hours seven days a week, precluded only by a programmed event or a working bee. You will need a key to unlock the butts (can be purchased after a qualifying period of 8 programmed shoots and after viewing the Safety Briefing, and signing the acknowledgement form). Small groups of members may be coached by club coaches and helpers.

Hot Weather Policy

Seniors – If the forecast maximum temperature during the time of the shoot is 38°C or above, the programmed shoot is cancelled (and no scores will be recorded).

Saturday Juniors – if on Friday evening, 6pm, the forecast maximum temperature for Saturday is 38°C or above, the Saturday morning shoot is cancelled (and no scores will be recorded).


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