Shooting Times

Club members only may practice during daylight hours seven days a week, precluded only by a programmed event or a working bee. On special occasions small groups of interested visitors may be coached by club coaches and helpers. Please note: it is essential that all visitors sign the visitors book.

  • AJAD Club (Juniors only): Saturday 8.30 - 11.00 am
  • Seniors (Juniors are also welcome):
    • Saturday and Sunday - be ready to start at 1.00 pm
    • Thursday - be ready to start at 9.00 am
    • Tuesday evenings - 6.00 pm start, November - March inclusive (during daylight saving), field captain elected from group.

Hot Weather Policy

Seniors - If on Wednesday the temperature reaches 38°C or above and the Thursday temperature is forecast to be 38°C or above, the Thursday shoot is cancelled. On Saturday and Sunday, if at 9.00 am the forecast is 38°C or above, the programmed shoot is cancelled.

AJADs - If on Friday evening, the Saturday forecast is 38°C or above, AJADs is cancelled.

Upcoming club events

2019 full year Shooting Calendar